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Sweeping Robot

Sweeping Robot

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  • Efficient Cleaning Performance: This robot can sweep, mop and suck up dirt and dust from any floor type with its 3-in-1 cleaning functions. It can also avoid obstacles and stairs and navigate around them, resulting in a clean and tidy home environment with little effort.
  • Mini and slim : This sweeping robot can easily enter narrow spaces with a dust collection brush, such as sofas and under beds, and clean blind areas without dead ends. It can effectively absorb dust, hair, and other debris, leaving your floor spotless.
  • Easy to Use: This sweeping robot can automatically clean your floors and carpets, meeting the needs of large-area cleaning. It supports USB charging and has a long battery life. To start, just press the switch button and enjoy the simple operation.
  • Deep Vacuuming: This sweeping robot has a high-efficiency motor that delivers strong suction, allowing it to deep clean various floor surfaces such as wood, tile, carpet or marble by getting rid of dust, stains and other dirt.
  • Fall Prevention Functions: With intelligent obstacle avoidance, this sweeping robot can protect itself and your furniture from collisions and falls. It can automatically identify obstacles and stairs edges, so you don't have to worry about it getting stuck or damaged.


  • Power mode:USB
  • Appearance:Sweeping robot
  • Sweeper style:smart robot
  • Switch type:Normal button
  • Usage environment:Household use
  • Whether to provide exclusive supply for cross-border exports:yes
  • planning technology:random navigation
  • Sweeper function:Sweeping, suction and mopping machine
  • Operation method:mechanical
  • clear route:random
  • Whether to bring a remote control:no
  • Crash protection:mechanical collision
  • Whether to charge automatically:no

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Erin Schultz

Satisfied purchase

Jamar Goldner

îts came cracked.When i turn It on It makes some noise.Sorry,i dont like it.the product has no protection.the product îs made of thin plastic.

Ricky Connelly

Very good for hair and hair. In my case I have 2 cats was great. Depending on the space he is in the same place, not knowing how to leave, so you can't leave him working and leave for a long time from close range. The ironing cloth function is only in the illusion. But other than that, until it has the function of the hair that I wanted. Arrived on schedule.

Ashlee Kozey

Excellent for the price but can't pull out some exact parts

Sheridan Volkman

It works well, for been a cheap vacuum do a really great work, arrived really fast