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Popular Sliding Pizza Peel pizza shovel

Popular Sliding Pizza Peel pizza shovel

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  1. Premium Construction: Crafted from high-quality, natural wood, this sliding pizza peel is built to last. Its robust material ensures durability and resistance to cracking, while being free from paint and odors, making it a safe choice for food contact.
  2. Perfect Size: Our pizza spatula paddle provides ample surface area for your baking goods without being cumbersome. It's ideally sized to accommodate pizzas and cakes, allowing for a seamless transition from oven to table.
  3. Non-Stick: Designed for a perfect culinary experience, this pizza transfer shovel prevents adhesion and ingredient displacement, ensuring your baked delights remain in perfect shape. Enjoy serving your pizzas, cakes, and bread with professional ease and precision.
  4. Easy to Clean: Simplify your cleanup process with our hanging pizza cutting board. Just rinse with water, wipe down, and let it dry. It features a convenient hanging hole at the handle's end for space-saving storage that also allows for air drying, enhancing kitchen organization and Hygiene .
  5. Versatile Kitchen Tool: This pizza serving board transcends its traditional use. It's an excellent choice for transferring pizza, bread, and pastries on and off the stove or grill. Its limitless utility encourages culinary creativity, making it an essential addition to your kitchen Arsenal .



  • Product Category:Pizza transfer shovel
  • Material:plastic
  • Is there a patent?:none
  • Specification:single pack
  • Style:Modern and simple
  • Whether to import:no
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